How to Beat Halo 3 in 20 Minutes

(Or, How to Beat Its Longest Level, The Covenant, in 20 Minutes and Get the Full 3x Time Bonus) (Or, What I Did On the Day after Christmas) (Or, How to Set a New World Record for Speed Play in Halo 3) Over the recent holiday break I decided to play some games with my…


Last Week

I was in Redmond last week on business and had a lot of fun this time around.  The trip began and ended with a visit to Key Arena in downtown Seattle.  Monday night it was the Van Halen concert.  I’d already seen Van Halen in Kansas City back in October, but I thought, “What the…


SQL Nexus is out!

In case you missed it in my last post, SQL Nexus, the SQL Server performance analysis platform built by Bart and me, has been released via CodePlex.  Here’s a post post where I talked about how Nexus works.  And here’s the link to its page on the CodePlex site. While I’m at it, another tool you…


A SQL Profiler trace Swiss Army Knife

Have you ever needed to find your most expensive queries and quickly grew weary of writing T-SQL against trace tables to try to ferret them out?  Have you ever had to wade through gigabytes of trace data just to find one ill-behaving query?  Have you ever struggled to decide what performance metrics really matter when…


Random thoughts on my trip to the conference

I had a great time on my brief stint in Denver for the PASS Summit.  We had a good session and a good crowd, and Kevin Kline did a marvelous job of running the whole thing.  He had lots of great questions for me during the interview, and the crowd had many good ones, too. …


I’ll be at the PASS Summit in Denver

I’m being interviewed on stage Friday afternoon from 2:30-3:45 by PASS president Kevin Kline (current session title is “SQL Server Q&A,” but I think they’ll be changing it).  Topics we’ll cover will include my background, where SQL Server is headed, what I’ve been working on, the status of the second editions of my Guru’s Guide…


Today is a great day

…and in honor of it, I’m going to be especially cryptic and give you a little word puzzle–an anagram: Catch Meek The solution I have in mind for this one pretty much sums up how I feel about today.  It’s a great day 🙂  A hint for those watching at home:  4nodcustody 


Celko on Celko

I’m starting a little series here featuring interviews with industry luminaries.  I figured people might like to hear what they have to say.  My first subject is Joe Celko. Q1:  Tell us a little about yourself, in case somebody does not know you. A1:  I was a member of the ANSI X3H2 Database Standards Committee…


Does rebuilding a clustered index rebuild nonclustered indexes?

This came up yesterday with one of our support engineers, so I thought I’d post a brief entry on it.  On SQL Server 2005, using ALTER INDEX…REBUILD to rebuild a clustered index does not rebuild its nonclustered indexes by default.  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense—the clustered keys, which are the record…


Update to the latest book’s CD

Many have noted that there are some files missing from the CD accompanying my latest book, SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting.  My apologies for that.  We’ve just posted an update to the book’s CD at  Note:  you’re welcome to grab the book’s CD regardless of whether you’ve actually purchased the book—we’re making it available…