Virtualization Update

Just a quick update.  After my previous post, I actually stopped using virtualization for most cases, since I found the performance hit to be too significant.  While the automation I mentioned before still doesn’t support HyperV, I hand built a couple of VM’s with it and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. 

On my host machine, it takes about 8 minutes to do a clean build of the code I usually work on.  With my previous virtual machine, it took about 32 minutes!  I think this happened because while my host machine has 4 processors, the VM can only access one of those.  I wasn’t willing to pay that price.  With HyperV today it takes about 9.5 minutes, and I am willing to pay that price for the added flexibility and the time I can save installing builds.

Comments (3)

  1. Rik Hemsley says:

    VMs under Hyper-V seem to run much closer to bare metal speed for us too. Now we don’t think twice about running stuff in VMs provided the host machine has enough resources.

  2. Jay Bazuzi says:


    I guess it’s time to get excited about virtual machines again.

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