Hotfix for VS2008 SP1 Available

In VS2008 SP1 our team added a significant new feature: live semantic analysis of open files (or “background squiggles” as we called it internally).  Unfortunately, soon after release we found a few small issues with the release.  They are: Incorrect errors when you open a solution with breakpoints in .aspx.cs files. Incorrect errors regarding conversions…


CodeRush Xpress for C#

Yesterday at the PDC, Dustin announced the availability of CodeRush Xpress for C#.  This is a free addin for VS 2008 that provides a whole bunch of fantastic editor productivity features.  Download it today and give it a shot!


Removing elements from a Dictionary

The topic of removing elements from a dictionary came up recently on an internal mailing list.  Someone was iterating through all the elements of a collection and wanting to remove some of them. The problem with that is that modifying the collection underlying the enumerator throws.  He had the following pseudo code: void RemoveSomeElements(Dictionary<string, int>…


ArgumentNullException and refactoring

I hate using strings to represent program elements!  One of the big problems is that it hinders automated refactoring.  Strings don’t have any semantic meaning, so refactoring tools don’t know which references to the string need to be updated.   While playing with expression trees, a while ago I came up with this: public static…


Virtualization Update

Just a quick update.  After my previous post, I actually stopped using virtualization for most cases, since I found the performance hit to be too significant.  While the automation I mentioned before still doesn’t support HyperV, I hand built a couple of VM’s with it and I have to say that I’m quite impressed.  On…