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Hello All,

My name is Kevin Pilch-Bisson.  I'm a Canadian living in the US, working as a developer for Microsoft on the C# ide team.  I've been here for almost 1.5 years.  I have 3 small children, and enjoy spending my spare time with them.  I often have a hard time describing exactly what our team is responsible for.  Normally I respond by saying that we are NOT responsible for the core editor of VisualStudio, but we are responsible for all of the language specific customizations that you see for C#.  The list usually goes something like this.  We ARE responsible for:

  • Items in completion lists (but not the drawing of the list itself).

  • What happens when you select something in a completion list

  • The contents of Parameter Help and Quick Info

  • Colorizing

  • Formatting

  • Task list contents

  • Class view contents

  • Navigation (go to definition, go to reference, etc)

  • The glue connecting the compiler to the project system

  • Refactoring (new for Whidbey)

  • Expansions (new for Whidbey)

We are NOT responsible for:

  • Search and replace

  • General look and feel of the product

  • The project system

I'm not really sure what I'm going to write about in this space, so we'll just have to see how things go.  Within the list above, I work on Formatting, our settings pages under Tools->Options, task list, and some stuff to do with colorizing, completion lists and parameter help.

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  1. RedWolves2 says:

    I am always surprised at the size of Microsoft. They have teams for everything it seems. In my "huge" company of 11 people the same designer that designed the application would have the majority say in how things work as you do in your job. With of course the exception of when the developer (me) jumps in with a cooler more usefull idea.

  2. Ian says:

    Does Visual Studio support Java? I think it would be a really useful feature,

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