The folks who brought us TheServerSide.COM, one of the strongest Java community sites on the web have just brought us TheServerSide.NET!  I’ve found TheServerSide.COM to be full of useful information for Java and look forward to similar great content in TheServerSide.NET.

Success with MSMQSoapProvider

I can proudly report success for the MSMQ transport provider for WSE 2.0.  At 4:35PM CST, the StockServiceClient was able to invoke the StockService using MSMQ as the messaging transport and receive a response. We’re using WS-Addressing to facilitate request/response semantics over an asynchronous transport.  Very cool. We should have a working MQSeries transport before…


WSE 2.0: SoapService and XmlSerialization

If you cut your teeth building Web services with ASP.NET, then you’ve become quite accustomed to the developer productivity that results from the automatic serialization of types to/from the <soap:Body>.  Simply declare your method to accept and return the data type of choice, and the underlying infrastructure automagically takes care of serialization for you. Unfortunately,…