Complex Types Serialized to the Wrong Namespace by WCF

Have you recently tried to migrate an existing ASMX Web service to Windows Communication Foundation, and discovered that the complex types you’ve so lovingly hand-crafted for the XmlSerializer don’t work the way you expect? Are you having to resort to MessageContracts to obtain the serilization behavior your desire? I recently wrote a lengthy post over…


My Recommendations for the Ultimate Developer Rig

Interested in what I would focus on if I were building the Ultimate Developer Rig? Well, I just posted some commentary to my blog regarding my recommendations for the Ultimate Developer Rig as being built by Scott Hanselman.

Do as I say, not as I do – use UniqueID, not PPID

If you’ve watched my screencast on How to use Windows CardSpace with ASP.NET Forms Authenticaiton, then be sure to check out the latest update on my blog, Do as I say, not as I do – use UniqueID, not PPID, for an important security update.