Say goodbye to laptops? I don’t think so.

Has this guy ever sat inside a high rise office building or even the basement of a Midwestern home and struggled to get a reliable cellular signal? In his article about how once again the browser will make Windows irrelevant, he sings the joys of living with an Internet-connected mobile device:

Things will get more exciting for entrepreneurs when we all start walking around with new Internet-ready portable devices such as the Nokia 770 Internet tablet or smartphones such as the Motorola Q and Nokia E61.

These pocket-size monsters with keyboards, luscious displays, and brisk 3G connections will soon replace laptops. All they need are browsers that can access Web-based software as easily as your desktop can. (I already use a Nokia E61 to help manage my website and write short blog posts from within the phone's browser. Soon I'll be able to run the whole site from my phone's browser.)

Pocket-size monsters? Luscious displays and brisk 3G connections replacing laptops? Please. Have you looked at the trend lately in flat panel monitors, HD televisions and laptop computers? Bigger. Wider. Not some 800x600 web-only display that requires a stylus for input. And brisk 3G connections? Surely you must mean the brisk 3G connection that is always reachable and never (ever) manages to crap out right about the time you either really need it or want to demonstrate your cool new Internet-ready portable device to your friend.

When I'm working with an office productivity app... excuse me. When I'm working with 2007 Microsoft Office, I don't want to worry if Ctrl+S is really going to work or not because my "brisk 3G [Internet] connection" may or may not be available. I don't plan on reducing the speed in which I type to fit that of a stylus or T9 text input. I don't plan on growing smaller thumbs to tap out brief messages on the keyboard of some device that makes my Dockers look I'm trying to impress the ladies.

The dream is there. I'm sure we'll reach it some day, likely even within my lifetime. But laptops are not going away any time soon. Speaking of which, I need to get busy on that order of Dell Latitude D820's ...

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