Visual Studio 2005 Object Test Bench Screencast

MSDN HomeThe Object Test Bench is, in my opinion, one of the lesser known features of Visual Studio 2005. The Object Test Bench provides a way for you to create instances of your classes within the Visual Studio 2005 IDE and then invoke methods on those objects, manipulate their properties and otherwise interact with those objects ... all without writing any code!

My Visual Studio 2005 Object Test Bench screencast is available for viewing here. And will shortly be available from the Casa dé Hambone Download Center as well.

I want to thank Ron Jacobs for recommending Camtasia Studio as the screen capture and production application of choice. The fine folks over at TechSmith, the creators of Camtasia Studio, have been awesome in getting me up and running on 64-bit Windows Vista RC1. And a very special thank you to Keith Combs for assisting me with the internal publishing procedure to get the screencast up on

Comments (3)

  1. Dave Bost says:

    My fellow Midwest DPE comrade and cohort, Kevin Hammond , has just published his first screencast on

  2. MikeClark says:

    This is very slick!  However, when I attempt to use the OTB I do not see a Create Instance item in the context menu.  I have a picture of the context menu I get on my blog:

    Is this feature in all flavors of VS2005?  I have Professional.

  3. MikeClark says:

    Thanks, Kevin for your comment: yes, it was definitely because the default project was a web project.  Once I changed that to something else OTC worked just fine.


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