Where Art Thou, O Spammer?

I just spent more time than I care to admit cleaning up the comments on blog. I cannot help but laugh at the sheer stupidity of these comments and the endless varations of the "Great article! blah blah blah <insert stupid link here>." Its times like this where I wish I owned a rather large data center with a really big pipe to the Internet so I could repay the favor by visiting the link more times than they likely would want.

I also do not understand the folks who send junk e-mail that on the surface looks like it may be meaningful, but it's just a bunch of mumbo jumbo formatted to look like paragraphs. Does anyone ever really read that crap? Maybe they're including images intended to cause me harm. No matter ... Outlook 2007 has done a fantastic job of identify spam, preventing the unwanted opening of anything malicious and I'm safe and comfortable.

So hopefully the old comments on this blog are now G rated and we're back on track with meaningful content. Remind me to smack you, O Spammer, should we ever meet.

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