Beware the Virtual PC undo disk and moving between computers

I've been staging a new set of virtual machines for running my Team Foundation Server demos and stuff. I'm using a Seagate 100GB 7,200 RPM USB 2.0 drive to move between my 64-bit desktop machine at home and my Toshiba laptop from work.

In most cases, I use undo disks and commit changes to the virtual hard drive when I finish major installation work and/or when I'm moving the disk between computers. Except I forgot to do that this time ...

Looks like there was a time in the development of this virtual machine instance where I moved the disk from my desktop to my laptop and forgot to commit the undo disk, and then later broght the virtual machine back to the desktop where an undo disk existed, which interested in some rather unique disk corruption.

In delivering an overview of Team Foundation Server to a customer today, I discovered that all sorts of metadata as it relates to work items was completely foo bar'd. Just enough was functional that I could demonstrate the concept, and the 15 default items created with a new MSF for Agile Software Development project template were "present" (even though you couldn't read them.) Nonetheless, I was really disappointed that I made this rather stupid mistake.

So here I sit rebuilding my virtual machine, cleaning out comments and getting back to a "known good state."

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