Windows Desktop Search & Newsgator make a powerful combination

I use Newsgator as my aggregator so that everything is pulled into Outlook, and I use Windows Desktop Search to index my e-mail.  However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the power of these two tools combined.

I was talking with a customer who has a larger number of older Visual Basic applications they would like to migrate to .NET.  During the meeting, I decided to search my mailbox with Windows Desktop Search on VB migrations in order to locate a thread of communication I had going with some members of the VB product group.

To my surprise, Windows Desktop Search returned considerably more hits on the topic than I had expected.  Turns out that my aggregate of was completely indexed and searchable!  Since then, I’ve been relying upon Windows Desktop Search more and more to yeild useful results from large aggregated blogs.

[Edited: Changed title from MSN Desktop Search to Windows Desktop Search]

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