Dave does Tibco EMS

I got a call a last week from Dave, a consultant in our financial services group and someone I've not seen or heard from in quite a long time.  His challenge?  He's working with a customer who wants to use Tibco EMS to move SOAP messages between .NET clients and J2EE servers.  Simon and I have tackled this challenge, both for MQSeries and MSMQ.  I promised Dave that he'd have a solution working in four-to-five days and pointed him to Simon's MQSeries transport on GotDotNet.  Dave and I spoke again at length last Friday, and then again yesterday and wouldn't you know that within four days, he is sending and receiving SOAP messages over Tibco EMS!

Comments (3)

  1. Orjan Lundberg says:

    Could we have a link to the MQSeries transport please!?



  2. gerold kathan says:

    hi – sounds very interesting – we are going to do the same stuff => is there a possibility to get more details ?

  3. chand says:

    sorry to ask such a basicQ. is there any good doc/URL to understand all this application messaging .NET ,J2EE… just to know

    my mail id chanth_in@yahoo.com


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