Looking for a Windows SharePoint Services User Administration Web Part

Before I sit down and right one, maybe someone out there can point me to something that’s already been done … I’m running Windows SharePoint Services in a public/private mode … public landing site with anonymous readership followed by a private, members-only site.  It’s all hosted on Windows SharePoint Services running on Windows Server 2003…


CTI Workhop in Milwaukee, WI

On Friday, October 28, 2005, Mark Skoog and I will be at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s School of Business Center for Technology Innovation Workshop.  Mark will be covering some of the software and more architeturally focused topics of service orineted architectures and composite applications [Mark has a strong focus area on SAP and has…


The ebb and flow of blogging

Once again I’m back into working with the product set after a long haitus of planning for our new fiscal year.  With this comes new thinking and sharing of work being done, so watch this space for yet another flurry of activity.


Thank you, Mediafour! No more Administrator for XPlay!

XPlay 2.2 from Mediafour, a Windows shell add-in to support the iPod, has recently been released, along with a knowledgebase article that outlines what you need to do so XPlay works when running from a non-Administrator (LUA) account. Now I can go back to removing iTunes from my computer (if only I could get my…


Come join the Developer & Platform Evangelism team in the Midwest

We’re looking to hire two individuals in the Midwest (Illiniois, Indiana and Wisconsin) for the Developer & Platform Evangelism team.  See the links below to submit your resume or ping me via e-mail: Developer Evangelist Provide pre-sales technical support services and platform evangelism to enable customers and partners to develop, deploy, and support Microsoft’s Solutions…


Windows Desktop Search & Newsgator make a powerful combination

I use Newsgator as my aggregator so that everything is pulled into Outlook, and I use Windows Desktop Search to index my e-mail.  However, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the power of these two tools combined. I was talking with a customer who has a larger number of older Visual Basic applications they…


Michael Kolt on Test Driven Development with Visual Studio Team System

Miachel Kolt has a nice short piece on leveraging the VSTS IDE to handle method creation for you as you do Test Driven Development. I had spent some time with the ThoughtWorks guys here in Chicago and was totally sold on TDD, but doing so with Visual Studio 2003 was cumbersome at best. IntelliJ IDEA…


Using Indigo to communicate with Windows Forms applications, Part III

In Part I and Part II of this series, I showed how to implement a service within a Form and how to use Indigo’s singleton model to ensure that the form is the target of the message rather than having a new instance of the form created for each message.  In this part, I will…


Developing Indigo applications that listen on HTTP without Administrator rights

Indigo registers with HTTP.SYS to listen for incoming messages over HTTP.  To do so, by default, requires Administrator rights.  However, by using httpcfg.exe, you can “reserve” a portion of the HTTP namespace for yourself and develop Indigo applications without the need to be an Administrator.  Here’s how. httpcfg.exe allows you to create URL reservations and…


Using Indigo to communicate with Windows Forms applications, Part II

In the first part of this series of posts, I showed you how to implement a Windows Form application that exposed itself as a service, implementing the IFooService interface.  Here Part II, I’m going to explain one of the subtle aspects of the ServiceHost<> constructor that makes this application possible. By default, Indigo creates an…