Axis 1.2 alpha installed and running

Pulled down and installed Axis 1.2 alpha.  Yet another download.

Pulled down and installed xerces 2.5. Yet another download.

Pulled down and installed Java Activation Framework (JAF) 1.0.2.  Yet another download

With that said, happyaxis.jsp validates and I have the out-of-the-box Axis stuff working.  Now off to build some of my own services.

Comments (1)

  1. Chad Myers says:

    So, if I’ve been following correctly, you’ve just now gotten to the point where you know what you need to get started with WS in Java, right?

    Now you’ve downloaded Axis…

    Now you get to deal with the fun of Jar incompatibility (remember, Java isn’t versioned like .NET, so you have classpath hell to deal with).

    Then you get to find out, like we did, that Axis only implements a fraction of the SOAP, et al specs. For instance, you can’t even do Document web services, only RPC-style.

    .NET defaults to Document-style, so be weary.

    Otherwise, have fun. Finding Axis is only half the battle.

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