Finishing the MSMQ transport provider with the WSE 2.0 release bits

I finally have time to sit down and finish off the MSMQ transport provider using the WSE 2.0 release bits.  There was yet another change between the intirm build I was using and the release bits that caused the transport provider to break.  However, with a few minutes of tweaking this evening, I was able to get the transport to recompile and send/receive messages once again.

The last remaining piece is to make the channels endpoint aware so they send/receive on the proper channel given a specific EPR.  Hopefully I can find the time this week to get that code in and then buff 'n polish.

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  1. Cool, Kevin. Will be very interesting to see any pros/cons between your and Roman’s ( implementation …

  2. JosephCooney says:

    Any info on where I could download this? I looked at the related posts in your blog but could not see any URLs.

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