Sun releases J2SE 5.0 – more downloads!

Just when I thought that I was reaching a point where some level of stability might be introduced into my Java experience for at least 48 hours, Sun releases J2SE 5.0.  Well, there’s at least two more downloads! [Edited to remove reference to a new release of J2EE.  It’s only J2SE :-)]


Need a good XSD-to-Java class generator

So far I’ve tried Castor and I’ve tried XBeans.  Two more downloads, and once again I’m reminded that every class in Java must exist in its own file.  The result of trying to use Castor to generate code from an XSD that describes two complex types?  Four class files … one for each complex type…


Axis 1.2 alpha installed and running

Pulled down and installed Axis 1.2 alpha.  Yet another download. Pulled down and installed xerces 2.5. Yet another download. Pulled down and installed Java Activation Framework (JAF) 1.0.2.  Yet another download With that said, happyaxis.jsp validates and I have the out-of-the-box Axis stuff working.  Now off to build some of my own services.


Experience with my new Java environment thus far

I was asked in a feedback item about my thoughts on Eclipse.  Let me preface with what I’m about to say is that as far as free development environments go, Eclipse is nice.  I’d even say it’s very nice. With that said, I spent a good portion of the day yesterday downloading JDK 1.5, Tomcat…


Doing my Java environment … again

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to play around with Java.  My last go of it I was using some version of Eclipse, JBOSS, Tomcat and IBM WebSphere 5.0.  I decided today to put up an updated version of that environment and see how things have changed.  My plan is to run with…


Implementing a custom binary security token with WSE 2.0

Herein lies some detail regarding how to go about implementing your own custom binary tokens with our Web Services Enhancements 2.0 for Micorosoft .NET.  If the topic interests you, read on!  If all you want is the code, you can get it here.  Note that it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.  …


Using Constrained Delegation with ASP.NET

We’ve got an upcoming internal “readiness” day here in Chicago on Friday.  The general subject is a focus on security and I’ve been tapped to present something. I’m really intrigued by Keith Brown’s article,  Exploring S4U Kerberos Extensions in Windows Server 2003, which is all about how to use constrained delegation in Windows Server 2003.  What…

Where have I been?

Not here, that’s for sure.  A combination of work and personal travel/time-off have kept me away from blogging and from my current technical passion which is the MSMQ transport provider for WSE 2.0. I’ve also been doing “personal” blogging over on in an attempt to delinate bewteen personal and professional content.

Finishing the MSMQ transport provider with the WSE 2.0 release bits

I finally have time to sit down and finish off the MSMQ transport provider using the WSE 2.0 release bits.  There was yet another change between the intirm build I was using and the release bits that caused the transport provider to break.  However, with a few minutes of tweaking this evening, I was able…


I’m speaking at the Chicago .NET Users Group on Wednesday

I’m giving an hour talk on SOAP messaging over MSMQ and covering some basics of the WSE 2.0 programming model at the Chicago .NET Users Group this Wednesday.  If you’re attending, be sure to introduce yourself as I’d love to meet some of the folks who read my blog.