It’s roundtripping! Again.

As of 11:35AM CST, I’ve got roundtripping of SOAP messages via MSMQ working once again.  This time, however, there are notable changes to how WS-Addressing impacts an asynchronous conversation.  A request for your input on this one will be forthcoming … 

Comments (2)

  1. SBC says:

    could you please post more info? Is this with MSMQ v3 (on the WinXP or W2K3 server) ? Tnx.

  2. This is a transport provider for WSE 2.0 that uses MSMQ as the transport. Intent is to ship as an MSDN download and article on how to build a transport alongside WSE.

    It uses System.Messaging to do its work, so any platform that supports WSE and System.Messaging will support the transport.

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