Blogging from the TabletPC

After much pain, I’m now set up for reading and blogging from my TabletPC.  Long story, short version: a problem with my Exchange mailbox prevented Outlook in cached mode from replicating locally created folders to the server, thereby preventing me from using NewsGator on two machines.  After my mailbox was deleted and recreated, everything is working properly and folders (along with their content) are now replicating properly between all of my machines.  Now I can finally try to put Lonestar through its paces …

Comments (2)

  1. julie lerman says:

    how are you doing it? Are you using newsagator in combo with the tablet’s input panel? I am working an ink blogging app in .net that does handwriting recognition and inking at the same time. I’m about to push it out.

  2. Yes, NewsGator in combo with the input panel, though I am using the new and improved features of Lonestar.

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