Sick kids and Survivor: Pearl Islands

Both of my kids are sick.  My oldest has been getting over an upset stomach and has degraded to leaving the nastiest surprises yet in her pull up.  My youngest, a six-month old, is throwing up everything we give her (but it’s not the flu … doctor verified.)  Its heart wrenching and amazing at the same time … here’s one of the tiniest, most fragile things imaginable throwing up what looks to be ten-times more than what she’s taking in, and then smiling at you afterwards.  It’s the smile afterwards I pray I never forget.

As for Survivor: Pearl Islands, my wife and I have been trying to watch the 3 hour finale for the past 3 hours (thank goodness for UltimateTV!)  Seems that with kids, any hour of programming – be it television or DVD, takes about 2 hours to get through.

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