Finding Nemo & Customer Service

I took my daughter to the pet store today in search of tropical fish … clownfish, to be precise.  Yes, like many kids her age, she could sit in front of the television and watch Finding Nemo three – maybe four – times a day.  My wife and I decided that a fish tank would…


Movies and my wife’s ESP

When I watch a movie that I’m enjoying, I try to immerse myself in the film.  I don’t try to think ahead to the end and then watch everything through a lens as if I know what’s going to happen.  There’s a suspension of disbelief when I’m watching movies.  I’m being entertained.  Nothing drives me…


Long Live Dominos Pizza and the Smart Client

I love the fact that has online ordering.  I’m also amazed that from the time I submit my order to the time it shows up at the door is usually around 20 minutes.  Yet it still takes me too long to order.  The amount of time I spend on the Web site is, in…


Evaluating NewsGator

Heard mention of NewsGator over the weekend and decided to take a look.  I really like the fact that it keeps me in Outlook and has pretty tight integration with the Outlook UI.  Given as much as I like SharpReader, I may be dropping it in favor of NewsGator.