InfoPath and D&D

I'm currently running a 3.5E D&D game over on called The
Sunless Citadel
. Yes, the geek in me lives.

Tonight, I decided to use InfoPath to recreate the 3.5E character sheet.  Overall,
the experience has been pretty positive.

However, one of my players sent me her character sheet in Excel which did most (if
not all!) of the calculations for you.  I'm toying with revisiting it but putting
some XML behind it.

Oh, and I pulled PCGen, a Java-based d20 tool, into C# using JLCA.  Unfortunately,
there's ~7,000+ errors (mostly in AWT) that need to be addressed.  If anyone
knows of an AWT port to .NET, give me a holler.  I'd really like to see PCGen.NET
kick the performance snot out of it's Java cousin.

Comments (5)

  1. ShadowmageIX says:

    so, uhm, care to share said sheet with us? 😉

  2. Kevin W. Hammond says:

    It’s been a while … let me see if I can dig it up.

  3. Robert Lancaster says:

    I too am interested in getting some of the PCGen stuff ported to C#. Please could you let me know how to go about using JCLA. I have tried but it converted nothing !!! I am prepared to do the bug fixing.

  4. David says:

    InfoJet Service is a Java class library to publish InfoPath Forms to the web. InfoJet Service can be deployed as Web Services. J2EE and .Net web application with integration of InfoJet Service support the users to edit InfoPath Forms in Internet Explorer and FireFox.


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