It’s roundtripping! Again.

As of 11:35AM CST, I’ve got roundtripping of SOAP messages via MSMQ working once again.  This time, however, there are notable changes to how WS-Addressing impacts an asynchronous conversation.  A request for your input on this one will be forthcoming … 


It’s Alive! Again.

As of 10:33AM CST, I’m sending SOAP messages once again via MSMQ and the latest build of WSE.  In general, the changes to the transport model have definitely simplified things – thanks Hervey.  I’m sure my wife will someday appreciate the fact that I’m sitting here at the dinning room table typing away like a…


My favorite disassembler and a moral quandry

My first MSIL disassembler was Anakrino, but I’ve since become a big fan of Lutz Roeder’s .NET Reflector.  Question: what’s the legality of using a disassembler to peer inside the .NET Framework classes?


Scalable asynchronous I/O

While working on the MSMQ transport for WSE 2.0, my thoughts have drifted to what it takes to do scalable I/O.  Creating a thread-per-operation is very bad behavior, and doesn’t scale well at all – but is a very easy programming model.  On the other hand, using completion ports is very scalable, but almost as…


Interface-based programming and Web services: Part 1

This post made it out into the wild before its time.  If you were unfortunate enough to have your aggregator pick up my half-baked post, I apologize.  Note to self: Save is the same as Post for new items in NewsGator.  This is one of those blog entries that started as one thing, morphed into…


Blogging from the TabletPC

After much pain, I’m now set up for reading and blogging from my TabletPC.  Long story, short version: a problem with my Exchange mailbox prevented Outlook in cached mode from replicating locally created folders to the server, thereby preventing me from using NewsGator on two machines.  After my mailbox was deleted and recreated, everything is…


Sick kids and Survivor: Pearl Islands

Both of my kids are sick.  My oldest has been getting over an upset stomach and has degraded to leaving the nastiest surprises yet in her pull up.  My youngest, a six-month old, is throwing up everything we give her (but it’s not the flu … doctor verified.)  Its heart wrenching and amazing at the…


You learn something new every day

I encountered something today in C# that I’ve never seen before and it caught me off guard.  In looking at the WSE 2.0 samples to understand how the transport mechanisms have changed, I came across the following in StockService: Uri uri = new Uri(“soap.tcp://” + System.Net.Dns.GetHostName() + “/StockService”); SoapReceivers.Add( uri, typeof(StockServiceRequestReceiver) ); You’re probably wondering,…


Back to work on SoapMSMQChannel

It’s been well over two months since I’ve cracked open the code for the SoapMSMQChannel.  I’m picking up the latest drop of WSE this morning and reviving the effort around this so we can enjoy the channel with the release of WSE 2.0.  


Microsoft is no charity. Please stop begging for free advice

I read something this evening that struck me as odd.  Over on Rob Relya’s blog on What is missing or broken about XAML? is a feedback item titled “Microsoft is no charity.  Please stop begging for free advice.”  What I find amazing is that blogging has afforded us an avenue to post our individual thoughts…