Sharepoint 2007 DirectoryNotFoundException

Yesterday we were working on one of the site-collection and it was having some issues on the performance side, although we did all the required Performance tunning stuff, we couldnt get it to perform. Also that was in the Stage environment so finally we decided to Create the web-app again and then attach the content…


SharePoint 2010 Remove the IE 6.0 warning

Recently there was a question asked on our internal DL around removing the IE 6.0 warning that pops up on the SharePoint 2010 site. Basic error message that we get is: Your Web browser will have problems displaying this web page. Changes to the site may not function properly. For a better  experience, please update…


Getting Application error when Multiple Images Upload

My customer was trying to do a Multiple Upload of Images in SharePoint 2007 and unfortunately it was always failing with an error: “An error has occurred on the Server”. Unfortunately we were getting “An error has occurred on the Server” error whenever he tries the multiple upload file option on the sites hosted on…


MOSS 2007 Search Scopes Lost after Restore

We were trying to restore a backup of one of our Site collections from PROD onto our TEST VM and restore was successful but we lost all of our SITE COLLECTION SEARCH SCOPES (not Shared scopes defined at SSP but search scopes defined at the SITE COLLECTION level). So we started asking ourselves where is…


SharePoint 2010 Content Type Subscriber Timerjob

By now most of us know that in SharePoint 2010 we have Metadata Services which help us manage the cotent types across site collections, web apps, farms. It helps us define a hub site collection (to say it is the place where we define our all content types and we can also call it as…


Sharepoint 2010 Content Deployment

This is a very small and simple blog that I thought of writing for content deployment in SharePoint 2010. I tried to run the content deployment and it was failing for some reason, everytime I was creating a blankinternet#0 portal as the Target site template and it was failing on my 1009 build of SharePoint….


Some SP2010 Links

Following are some of the important SharePoint 2010 links: SP2010 End User Training: SP2010 SharePoint Developer Training: SharePoint Developer Center: Developing on SharePoint 2010: SharePoint Events: SharePoint Forums:,sharepoint SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs:  


How to find who created a site on a MOSS 2007

How to determine (find) who created a site on a MOSS 2007 One of my colleague had asked query regarding how to find out the user who created the site in sharepoint 2007, obviously nothing in the UI to find out that. So we will have to do it programmatically and the way to get…


Site Collection Administrator on a FBA getting Access Denied

Site Collection Administrator on a FBA getting Access Denied errorsSite Collection Administrator on a FBA getting Access Denied errors   One of my customers was facing an issue with one of the Forms based authentication sharepoint web application where the site collection administrators were getting ACCESS DENIED errors. We spend a whole lot of time…


Audiences in Inter Farm SSP (Sharepoint 2007 / MOSS)

Audiences in Inter Farm SSP (Sharepoint 2007 / MOSS) We were doing some brain storming on Sharing the SSP (Shared Service Provider) between multiple farms i.e. the Parent Farm will be the provider/source of the SSP and the Child farm will consume the SSP. (Needless to say this is MOSS or sharepoint 2007). It is…