Exploring the Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.Licensing information

Have you ever had a need to explore whats the expiration date of the trial version of MOSS you are using, if yes then the solution for that is the INTERNAL STATIC CLASS: Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.Licensing This will help you in finding out what is the expiration date and other details about licensing, check the Fiddler screen…


How to determine (find) who created a site on a MOSS 2007

One of my colleague had asked query regarding how to find out the user who created the site in sharepoint 2007, obviously nothing in the UI to find out that. So we will have to do it programmatically and the way to get it is to use the SPWeb.Authors property. More details here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spweb.author.aspx In…


Modifying SPThemes.xml Programmatically to deploy new Themes MOSS 2007 (WSS 3.0)

Modifying SPThemes.xml Programmatically to deploy new Themes MOSS 2007 (WSS 3.0) One of my colleague was looking for modifying the SPThemes.xml file programmatically instead of editing it manually on each and every server. So that the deployment of new themes could be very easy thru the Solution Deployment/Packaging way. All we need is a Feature…


Sharepoint 2007 WSS 3.0 Feature list with GUID

Following is the list of sharepoint features (out of the box) that are available, I wish I could have compiled it but this great job is done by Robert Bogue (MVP) on his blog here:  http://www.thorprojects.com/blog/archive/2007/05/16/list-of-features-with-guids.aspx. I am keeping the same entries on my blog for my reference. Great job Robert, Thank you!!!. GUID  Scope…


How to force a wordbreaker to be used in Sharepoint Search

I had a requirement to crawl Japanese content and we had an English Install of Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS). Now for some reason the locale was not being identified by the crawler for the HTML (i.e. all the Publishing pages) as 1041 (i.e. the Japanese locale), and the default English (US) word breaker was used. I…


Check Approval is enabled on Pages Library/List

I was trying to locate how to check if the Approval is enabled on the Pages library or any other list/library, found this infor: listItem.ModerationInformation.Status.Equals(SPModerationStatusType.Pending)


Javascript RichHTMLField control sharepoint Page Layouts

We are working on a Publishing portal (MOSS / Sharepoint 2007) and we had a requirement to allow the authors to enter  Rich HTML content and that can contain javascript to popup some images that appear as small images in the content or just as a link. Now out of the box the RichHTMLField control rips…


Running our MOSS sites in IE-7 compat with IE-8

We had worked on some MOSS portal sites and wanted to make sure the rendering is fine in IE-8 also without making any changes to the CSS, so the best thing we did was we added the following tag to our Master Page just below the HEAD html tag and then it rendered all our…


Basics facts of Publishing Sites

Wish you All A Very Happy New Year 2009!!! I am working on a MOSS publishing site and thought of sharing  some of the basic things that we should always remember while implementing a Publishing site on MOSS / Sharepoint 2007: 1. There can only be one and only one PAGES library in any sharepoint…