Are you trying to find the details of SPList.GetDistinctFieldValues() method wss 3.0

I wanted to use this method but unfortunately I didnt see any details on the SDK, so decided to find the details from the Microsoft.Sharepoint dll and following is the output hope this helps someone:

public uint GetDistinctFieldValues(SPField field, out object[,] columnItems)
   object pvarColumnData = null;
   uint pdwRowCount = 0;
   columnItems = null;
   if (((field.Type != SPFieldType.Text) && (((field.Type != SPFieldType.Number) && (field.Type != SPFieldType.Currency)) && (field.Type != SPFieldType.DateTime))) && (field.Type != SPFieldType.Boolean))
       throw new Exception(SPResource.GetString("CantGetDistinctValuesException", new object[0]));
   SPSecurity.SetListInHttpContext(HttpContext.Current, this.InternalName);
   SPWeb parentWeb = this.ParentWeb;
   parentWeb.Request.GetColumnDistinctAsSafeArray(parentWeb.Url, this.InternalName, field.InternalName, out pdwRowCount, out pvarColumnData);
   columnItems = (object[,]) pvarColumnData;
   return pdwRowCount;

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