How to get Checkin button while in the "Edit" form for document library in Sharepoint 2007

I had a customer requirement where he wanted to add a check-in button on the Edit form of a document library.

So that as soon as the required metadata is added to the item, the user can select to check-in the document instead of first clicking the OK button to save and then going back to doc-lib and checkin the document. They basically wanted to avoid the 2 step process, so they want the Checkin operation (as a button) on the edit-form itself.

The simple solution I found was If we add a query string to the end of the edit URL, it will show a check-in button. Something like:



So I wrote a simple feature to add this as additional "Edit and Checkin" menu to ECB.

The elements file looks like this:


Following is the only important part of that feature (elements.xml file):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<Elements xmlns="">

                <CustomAction Id="EditAndCheckin"





                                Title="Edit-Properties and Check-In"

                                Description="Edit the properties and checkin">

                                <UrlAction Url="javascript:function process(){var str = location.href;str= str.substr(0,str.lastIndexOf('/'));var site='{SiteUrl}';var item={ItemId};window.location.href=str +'/EditForm.aspx?ID='+item+'&amp;Mode=Upload';};process();"/>




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I've tried this with MOSS 2010, but with no luck. Any ideas?

  2. Jim Parker says:

    Also doesn't work in Foundation 2010

  3. Rupali K says:

    Article is really helpful. small trick has really worked well.

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