Sharepoint 2007 Miscellaneous Short queries and answers

Hi Folks,

I decided to write this blog for all small doubts/queries that I have observed most of the times. This should come handy to all our MOSS community. I will try and update it whenever I come across something new:

Query 1: OUTPUT CACHE:  When you select the option “check for changes” from cache profiles which cache is flushed? Meaning will it flush the cache for entire site or just the cached page that changes at a time?

ANSWER: The Change functionality flushes the cache for the entire site.

Query 2: How to implement ratings functionality on blogs, documents or document libraris in WSS V3?

ANSWER: There is no Out of box way to do it, but some of the work-arounds are:

1.       Use the WSS v.2.0 rate-this-page web-part, you can use this web-part to rate individual items in the list/ library. More information available in the Readme doc of the web-part.

2.    Other way we can do this is with a custom "Ratings" Column type and corresponding field control that will store the current rating and number of ratings, and display it as an option to give a rating. 

3. Third way could be something like the way “Rate this Page” used to work in V2, i.e. keep a separate Ratings list that would store the ratings of each blog.

4. There soon would be a WSS ratings template published by MS and can be used for this functionality.


Query 3: How to get the list of out of the box "standard" mapped (managed) properties?

ANSWER: Fire this query: "SELECT PID, FRIENDLYNAME FROM MSSMANAGEDPROPERTIES WHERE (FULLTEXTQUERIABLE = 1) OR (RETRIEVABLE = 1)". It is a sincere advice to try and avoid touching the database for any updations/modifications directly. Please DO NOT MODIFY THE SEARCH OR ANY OTHER SHAREPOINT RELATED DB, these changes are not recommended/supported.



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