Setup of Reporting Services 2005 with Vista

Hi Folks,

Sometimes when you install Reporting Services 2005 on Vista (Beta) it often pops a error "Access to the path 'Global\CLR_RESERVED_MUTEX_NAME'  is denied" when you browse to the Report Folders.

The resolution to this that I tried was pretty simple are own IISRESET, yes once you run this on the report server machine, things start working fine. I dont have the explanation as to why this happens but we get STARTED :).

Also following minimum set of IIS features that must be turned on for RS to install as the default install, help run the setup fine:

Common HTTP Features

           Static Content
           Default Document
           HTTP Redirection
           Directory Browsing

Application Development

           ISAPI Extension
           ISAPI Filters

            Windows Authentication

Management Tools

            IIS Metabase
            IIS 6 WMI


Ketaanh Shah

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  1. Another way to solve it, witout iisreset, is to execute the IE in the "Run as administrator" mode.


    David Hernández

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