Using Custom Style Sheet in SQL Reporting Services 2000

Changing the style-sheet in SQL Reporting Services is one question that I have seen commonly asked in the forums. Well yes the answer is straight forward but at times some straight answers dont work  🙂 .

Following is my finding on how to use your own style sheet in Reporting Services:

Prerequsite : SP2 hotfix:;en-us;901383

Following are the steps for using custom style sheet in Reporting Services:

1. Add <HTMLViewerStyleSheet> element in RSReportServer.config within the <configuration> element.
2. DON’T include the “.css” extension in the name of the style sheet.
3. Example: <HTMLViewerStyleSheet>htmlviewer2</HTMLViewerStyleSheet> 

Following is going to fail:

Following works:

Make sure that the style sheet is located in the styles directory of Reporting Services (i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Reporting Services\ReportServer\Styles).

The default style sheet used by the HTML Viewer uses the font Verdana for displaying labels and dropdown values. Unfortunately, Verdana does not have full Unicode support.
SP2 (with the hotfix at;en-us;901383) allows you to change the stylesheet that is used by the viewer.

If you want to hide items on the Reporting Services Tollbar, you can do this by customizing each button/item individually by changing the stylesheet.  Basically, you just need to change the style display:inline to display:none for the items which you don't want to show/hide on the toolbar.


Hope this should help some of you in using a custom style sheet in Reporting Services.

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