Weird Webpart Error on one WFE

Hey All, So I was working with my customer and suddenly in one of the environment with SharePoint 2010 we saw some weird webpart error on one of our Pages and further debugging revealed that only one Web Front End was having the issue and other Front ends were working fine. The error we looked…


Document Set Site-collection restore to non-root site collection errors File not found

So I was helping a friend of mine where he reported a problem about the restore: He moved the site collection from a top level site collection (http://test-moss:6001) to a path based site ( using powershell Restore-SPSite command. After the restore we are experience ‘File not found’ error although we can see all files using…


SharePoint Error after migrating to SP 2010 from MOSS 2007 Item is no longer available

We migrated our SharePoint 2007 WCM Publishing site collection to SP 2010 and we used DB attach in this process. Most of the list made it to SP 2010 gracefully but some of the lists created some issues for us and we started getting this error on the ECB menu “The item is no longer…


Content Type Hub and Content Type Inheritance

I was trying to find details on why my out of the box Content Types (Publishing Pages, etc.) were getting wiped (removed) whenever I was deploying my content types which were inheriting from a Parent content type that was deployed on the content type hub but the wsp not being deployed on the Content Farm….


MOSS_Export phase FIM Full Sync Eats up all Memory

Keywords for search:-  SharePoint 2010; MOSS_Export; Full Sync; Out of Memory; FIM; Hello All, I have been struggling with the FULL Sync for USer Profile Application for last 2-3 weeks and all the time the Memory on the Server was peaking out, we added RAM to the Servers thinking we were running low on the…


The server method ValidateTerms failed on EditProfile Page

We have a content Farm and Enterprise Services (ESS) Farm (where UPA is hosted), content Farm consumes UPA from ESS farm (all SharePoint 2010 obviously) Whenever we try to load a Edit Profile Page it gives an error:   Error: “The server method ‘ValidateTerms’ failed”“The server method “GetMatches” failed This error seems to be like…


AssociatedOwnerGroup in SharePoint

Every Site has 3 Site Groups that are associated Site Groups: Visitors (AssociatedVisitorsGroup), Members (AssociatedMemberGroup) and Owners(AssociatedOwnerGroup). These are the 3 types of groups associated with any SPWeb. Now if at all you are using AssociatedOwnerGroup property of SPWeb programmatically in the code and its necessary that theses 3 groups (i.e. Visitors, Members and Owners) are associated…


Page class SP 2010 Sandbox Solution

We were trying some simple code in SharePoint 2010 and with a Sandboxed solution, the same code worked fine with Farm solution but didnt work with Sandbox solution. After doing some debugging we found that from the following code the following lines never worked:            Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(GetType(), “MyuniqueGUID”, xml, true);  ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), Guid.NewGuid().ToString()  , “alert(‘hello baby’);”, true); …


Sharepoint 2007 DirectoryNotFoundException

Yesterday we were working on one of the site-collection and it was having some issues on the performance side, although we did all the required Performance tunning stuff, we couldnt get it to perform. Also that was in the Stage environment so finally we decided to Create the web-app again and then attach the content…


SharePoint 2010 Remove the IE 6.0 warning

Recently there was a question asked on our internal DL around removing the IE 6.0 warning that pops up on the SharePoint 2010 site. Basic error message that we get is: Your Web browser will have problems displaying this web page. Changes to the site may not function properly. For a better  experience, please update…