Using "String Find" Functoid with Special Characters

Problem You need to find a special character when use the String Find Mapping functoid, such as a (carriage return) or a NL line feed). Solution BizTalk provides a String Find functoid: Use the String Find functoid to return the position in a string at which another specified string begins. This functoid requires two input…

Business Rule常见错误

症状:调用Rule/Policy后,无法得到结果,或处理的消息没有如期的结果 原因: 1,首先在Orchestration Designer中,检查有没有指定需要传递的参数(消息) 2,在Business Rule Composer中检查Document Type值,是否与Message的namespace匹配 3,如果Fact用到数据库,还需要检查Database binding type得值


BizTalk Error: If the BizTalk Server Computer Is Renamed After BizTalk Server Configuration, the Configuration Wizard Will Fail

This problem may manifest itself in several ways: The configuration manager will load the Overview page correctly, but when attempting to configure a feature the feature options do not display on the screen. The configuration wizard cannot connect to the SQL Server. Attempting to Unconfigure All unconfigures some features, but not all. Cause The BizTalk…


Have you passed MCTS-BizTalk?

Have you passed MCTS-BizTalk?  

How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $1,129.08.How much is your blog worth? Never thought its worth that much. I am not quite convinced.

BizTalk Error: HIS Adapter Error

When you try to insert/update data into DB2 through HIS Adapters, an error encountered. Error details: RTI1L01   ?BPCSUSRFV6?3 in *N not valid for operation. SQLSTATE: 55019, SQLCODE: -7008 As Below: Resolutions: 1, Check each piece of data again the schema, the problem might be that when loading data to the AS400, every field in that table…


MCTS: BizTalk Server 2006

早上参加了BizTalk 2006的考试,结果985,是个不错的分数。 考试还是有些难度,不过大部分问题都很有意思,验证了实际操作经验和对产品的理解程度。如果没有实际的项目经验,只是看些文档确实很难通过考试。应该说,在微软的所有认证考试里,BizTalk的考试内容和考试范围很有建设性,对大部分BizTalk Develper, 这个认证确实有份量。 MCTS: BizTalk Server 2006

虚机下载BizTalk Server 2006

下载BizTalk Server 2006虚机 R2版本会在发布后提供下载。

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