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Just do the following: –         Navigate to the site –         Go to Internet Options > Security –         Select Local intranet and then click Sites button –         Select Advanced Add the current site to the list of trusted sites


Future of the BizTalk Server

There was a lot of discussion around the future of BizTalk at this year’s Partner Conference, The discussion was around BizTalk’s death or alive. Check out the following video presentation and find out some key points from BizTalk Roadmap:    


Definition of Cloud computing and Virtualization

There are two published definitions of cloud computing. Here are the highlights:  NIST – On-demand self-service, Ubiquitous network access (internet standards based), location independent resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measure/metered service  Gartner – service-based, scalable and elastic, shared, metered by use, and uses internet technologies  Virtualization: Virtualization is the use of virtual machines to let multiple…


Kerrey’s Resume

Kerrey Zheng – Senior Solution Architect involved in all phases of the system development life cycle for more than ten years.  – Extensive experience in designing and developing complex systems with Microsoft technologies. – Specialized in .NET Framework, BizTalk Server and SQL Server- Certifications in MCSE, MCTS, SCJP and Microsoft MVP- Key role in the BizTalk Server Product Solution Group. Focuse on…


BizTalk Error: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32

SYMPTOMS The error message appears when you use BizTalk’s Cumulative Functoids. —————————————– Error Details: “error btm1050: XSL transform error: Unable to write output instance to the following <file:///C:\…..\Map1_output.xml>. Function ‘userCSharp:MyConcat()’ has failed. Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.” This problem may occur when the Cumulative Functoid accept a Null input…


BizTalk Error: SMTP Adapter: Unknown Error Description

SYMPTOMS The error message in the event log as below: A message sent to adapter "SMTP" on send port "Orders_1.0.0.0.Orders.Email_DynamicSendPort_e369e0033a074fb3" with URI "" is suspended. Error details: Unknown Error Description. RESOLUTION A known issue with the SMTP Adapter, especially with a dynamic port. Set a value to SMTP.EmailBodyTextCharset, you will work out the issue. Sample…


BizTalk Error: Project Creation Failed

SYMPTOMS The error message appears on the status bar when you try to add a BizTalk 2009 project in Visual Studio 2008. —————————————– Error Details: “Create BizTalk Project …. Project Creation Failed” This problem may occur after you applied SP1 for VS. RESOLUTION Browse to the installation folder of BizTalk 2009, run setup.exe, and choose…


BizTalk Error: Could not find stored procedure

SYMPTOMS The SQL Adapter may fail and you may receive an error message that is similar to the following:——————-Error details: HRESULT=’xxxxx’ Description=”Could not find stored procedure ‘sp_xxxxx”. as below: This problem may occur when there is no SP in Database or you changed the name of store procedure. RESOLUTION Once changed the name of the…


BizTalk Error: A generic error occurred in GDI+

When you try to refresh Admin Console, you get an error message. SYMPTOMS: PaintTabBackgroundError – rect:{X=86,Y=2,Width=98,Height=18} – extraRampWidth:12——————————ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:A generic error occurred in GDI+. (System.Drawing)   As Below:   CAUSE: This annoying error message is always due to another session is also using the console, such as a remote console, no solution, but you can…


BizTalk Error: WCF Service Consuming Wizard

When you try to using Biztalk WCF Service Consuming Wizard, you get an error message. Error details: “Error consuming WCF service metadata. Object reference not set to a instance of an object.” As Below: Resolutions: 1, Generate WSDL and XSD files by using svcutil tool    > svcutil.exe /t:metadata http://yourservice 2, Verify <xsd:schema> nodes in WSDL…