TfsMigrator ISVError:300005 Mapping MemberSid > MemberId

Note and warning: This is a workaround and by no mean an official fix, use with care and make sure you backup your config database. If you are using tfsmigrator you may have encountered this error ISVError:300005 Unexpected non group identity was found to have direct membership to everyone group, and according to official documentation…


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Azure AD

Main article is over here, and do check them out from time to time because things change very freuqently. After reading the article above, I thought I could (maybe) everyone a favor by explaining a little bit more in details (and in layman terms ala Explain like I’m Five eli5) on what is going on….


Analyzing W3C IIS Log with PowerBI

IIS and HTTP.sys logs contain incredible source of information to help in identifying potential issues. When I first started troubleshooting IIS/Websites issues, LogParser (and LogParser Studio) was my go to tool – writing queries to find information, or generate charts to impress people. I have been using PowerBI for quite sometime and it never occurred…


Azure App Service – Options Method (and other HTTPS Verb) disabled / not working in Azure Web App

A customer deployed a SignalR API to WebApp. For this particular customer their environment is hosted on Azure App Service using App Service Environment v2. That said, I have reproduced the following behavior on the regular Windows-IIS based Azure Web App. This SignalR API worked great on local machine, local dev server, and even Azure…


Finding QnAKnowledgebaseId and QnASubscriptionKey to configure the new Azure Bot Service

Bot Service went through an overhaul again; the configuration to connect your Bot Service to QnAMaker is different now. I am not sure for how long the information here will stay relevant but it is how you configure your Azure Bot Service to talk to at the time of writing this post. When you…


Quick Guide on Importing Data from SQL Server (or SQL Azure) to Cosmos DB

Sample code here: This sample does the following: Create SQL DB Table.txt That will create the initial database in SQL Server or SQL Azure The main Program will read the database, parse the data and store them in Cosmos DB Before you start the program, you will have to do step 1, and edit…


Enable “Analyze” tab in Visual Studio

If you have installed Visual Studio using Visual Studio Installer, most likely you didn’t include “Analyze” capability. This because it is something that you will have to add explicitly in the “Individual components” and they are not part of the typical “workloads” that you may have chosen. Fortunately, Microsoft made it easier to add (or…


Deleting Azure AD Tenant – Unable to delete all Enterprise Applications

Hi All, This is a quick guide on deleting an Azure AD Tenant, especially when there is some stubborn enterprise applications that refuse to go away. Few weeks ago, I was trying to delete an Azure AD that I created as a test account for my customer. I happily go to, changed to the…


[Event] Distributor and Partner Azure Enablement – January 2017

Thanks for attending the Distributor and Partner Azure Enablement event. I hope everyone finds the session useful. As promised, here are some links and questions I collected from the session. Do also checkout for any upcoming events. Q&A: Q1: How about scenario where my data need to remain within country. Can I still use Azure…