DragonBoard 410c と Linker メザニンカードを Windows 10 IoT Core と UWP で使ってみよう

先日 ALCYNA (あるじゃん)主催の DragonBoard+IoTアプリコンテストに参加して、優秀賞なるものをいただきました。ありがとうございます。 こちらのイベントではなんと無償で DragonBoard 410c をいただけるという太っ腹企画。少しでも貢献をということで、DragonBoard 410c と Linker メザニンカードを使った基本的なサンプルを公開しました。 GitHub: https://github.com/kenakamu/DragonBoard_96BoardStarterKit_Sample 説明: https://github.com/kenakamu/DragonBoard_96BoardStarterKit_Sample/blob/master/README_JP.md IoT と UWP アプリ 普段 C# で開発しており、IoT に関する知識がなくとも、UWP (Universal Windows Platform) アプリが Windows 10 IoT Core で実行できるため、これまで通りアプリ開発を行えます。DragonBoard 410c は Windows 10 IoT Core でサポートされているため、安心です。インストール手順はこちらのページよりウィザードに沿って実行してください。 何が同じか 特定のプラットフォームに依存しないものであれば、すべて同じです。JSON.NET などの NuGet ライブラリをはじめ、HttpClient や非同期処理、XAML やデータバインドなど、UWP アプリ開発のノウハウがすべて使えます。USB が使える場合も多いので、Web カメラやマイクを使うこともできます。 何が違うか 多くの場合、IoT では各種センサーからデータを読み取って処理します。例えば温度や湿度、照度などです。この場合、センターによって接続方法が多少異なり、それぞれに対応するクラスやコードが必要となります。まだ勉強中なので詳細は語れませんが、公開したサンプルでは GPIO (General… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 18: DirectLine

In this article, I explain DirectLine which you can hook your service to bot via REST endpoint. DirectLine As you know already, bot connector supports multiple channels such as Skype, Facebook, Email, etc. However if you want to connect other channels like WeChat, LINE or even your own application, you can use DirectLine. Does O365Bot… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 17: BotBuilder features – State Service

In this article, I explain state service. State Service Remembering what user said, or even understanding the current context is the important part of intelligent bot. Bot Framework offer a state service to store these state information. Dialog, for example, also using it to track the conversation. See here for more detail. Scope There are… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 16: BotBuilder features – using Luis Entities with FormFlow

In this article, I will utilize Entity from LUIS and use the result to FormFlow. Use LUIS Entities 1. Change the code in CreateEventDialog.cs to use Entities from LuisResult. I just parsed several types for datatimeV2. See more detail about datetimeV2 here. You can parse the result anywhere, but I am doing so in StartAsync…. Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 15: BotBuilder features – LUIS Dialog 101

In this article, I use LUIS to process natural language, and LuisDialog to integrate LUIS into BotBuilder. Create LUIS application 1. Go to https://luis.ai and create an account or signin if you already have account. 2. Click [New App]. 3. Create O365Bot application. 4. You can create Intent and entities by yourself but let’s use… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 14: BotBuilder features – Intercept messages

Intercepting conversation between users and bot gives you opportunities to extend the bot without affecting current code. For example: Log all conversations between users and the bot for analysis. Inspect the incoming messages. Though is it not pure intercept scenario from technology point of view, forward the conversation to human (hand-off scenario) is another interesting… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 13: BotBuilder features – Testing Proactive Messsaging

In the previous article, I implemented proactive messaging when any Outlook event has been updated. In this article, I will explain how to debug and testing. Remote Debug As Microsoft Graph Webhook requires publicly accessible callback URL, I had to publish it first to test. However what if I need to live debug the application?… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 12: BotBuilder features – Implementing Proactive Messsaging

In this article, I implement proactive messaging feature to O365Bot. You can see the detail about proactive messaging here. There are several useful scenario for O365 notification. In this article, I implement event change notification as it is important to me. Subscribe Microsoft Graph Event update To receive Microsoft Graph Event update, you can use… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 11: BotBuilder features – Global Message Hanlders

Users may want to say “help” in middle of a dialog. As a developer, you can implement global message handler to handle these “keywords”. Read the article here for more detail. Implement cancel operation Let’s implement one of the most common global handler, “cancel”. 1. Add Scorables folder in O365Bot project, and add CancelScorable.cs. In… Read more

Create Bot for Microsoft Graph with DevOps 10: BotBuilder features – FormFlow 201 FormBuilder

In this article, I explain about FormBuilder, which builds a form from model, and it gives you flexible options to customize the form. FormBuilder In previous article, I used following code to build a form. return new FormBuilder<OutlookEvent>() .Message(“Creating an event.”) .AddRemainingFields() // add all (remaing) fields to the form. .OnCompletion(processOutlookEventCreate) .Build(); I also get… Read more