SilverLight Get user or Windows Credentials

SilverLight hosted in ASPX with WCF integration to retrieve user Credentials: First Setup IIS  correctly: 1:Create a new AppPool in IIS  and give it an identity with suitable privileges –  Ill call it “NewAppPool” 2: In IIS add a new application “Example” 3. Edit the Basic Settings so your new app uses the “NewAppPool” 4….


WCF – Getting your web Service to work on XP & VS2005 & VS2008

If you are having trouble getting your WCF service running on winxp and eveything seems like it “should” work but doesnt!! It seems like the service is just not getting recognized. Try these tips and see if they help. Im assuming ASP.NET version 2 installed and configured aswell as .NET3.0 & 3.5 and VS2005 as…