New Features in Live Search Maps

I know it was a few weeks ago when we released an updated version of Live Search Maps built on the Virtual Earth platform.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to blog about it yet.  So in case you missed it, here are some details.  Some of the new features include: Multi-Point Routing.  You can now…


Live Search Maps Update!

We just released an updated version of Live Search Maps built on the Virtual Earth platform.  It is difficult to list all the new features, but here are some of the new features: Birdseye Imagery with Labels – Birdseye imagery now supports Road Labels showing roads and names on the birdseye scene similar to Aerial map…


Virtual Earth API: Setting Altitude of Shapes

The Virtual Earth v6 map control API added support for setting altitude of VEShapes in Virtual Earth 3D.  There is a new SetAltitude method on VEShape which takes in 2 parameters: VEShape.SetAltitude(altitude, altitudeMode); The altitude parameter is the altitude specified in meters.  The altitudeMode parameter is an optional VEAltitudeMode enumeration specifying the mode of the…


Virtual Earth Videos on Channel 10

Check out the videos on the new Virtual Earth release on 10.  There are two videos posted — One shows how to do Virtual Earth 3D Tours and the other shows how to create 3D models using the 3DVIA Technology Preview: New Release of Virtual Earth 3-D Models in Virtual Earth


New Live Search Maps Release!

We have just released a new version of Live Search Maps built on the Virtual Earth platform.  The team has worked very hard to get this release out the door. There are many new features and improvements, so it is difficult to list them all.  However, some of the major new features include: 1-Click Directions – This…


Virtual Earth 3D Scenes Mashup

Here is a simple example mashup that automatically cycles through a set of Virtual Earth 3D Scenes every minute.  This mashup shows how to control the screen view of Virtual Earth 3D.  Virtual Earth 3D Scenes Mashup Here are some screenshots of some of the scenes:   If you want to go to the next…


Create a Simple Virtual Earth 3D Mashup

Creating a 3D mashup with Virtual Earth is very easy.  Here is some sample code for a basic Virtual Earth 3D Mashup: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”><html><head> <title>Virtual Earth 3D Mashup</title> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″><script src=”″></script> <script> function CreateMap(){   var map = new VEMap(‘myMap’);   map.LoadMap(new VELatLong(46.935893, -99.71), 4, VEMapStyle.Aerial, false, VEMapMode.3D);} </script></head><body…


Virtual Earth 3D Released

Virtual Earth 3D is now available at Live Search.  Click on “3D” on the navigation control to enter 3D mode.  Here’s a direct permalink to Virtual Earth 3D: With this release, the Virtual Earth API’s have also been updated to version 4 so you can create 3D mashups.  Check out the Virtual Earth Interactive…