New Bing Maps Platform Updates

Today we are announcing a lot of updates to the Bing Maps platform including the new Bing Maps REST Services, the new Bing Maps Spatial Data Services, the v6.3 Bing Maps Ajax Control, an update to the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, and the new Bing Map App SDK.

Here are some details:

Bing Maps REST Services

The Bing Maps REST Services offer a REST interface for a Locations API to find a location based on address, point, or query string, an Imagery API to return a map or imagery metadata, and a Route API to return directions.  The REST Services offer output format in XML or JSON.

Bing Maps Spatial Data Services

The Bing Maps Spatial Data Services offers a REST interface for processing sets of spatial data.  The Geocode Dataflow API of the Spatial Data Services offers a REST API to geocode and reverse-geocode large sets of data.

Bing Maps Ajax Control v6.3

Bing Maps Ajax Control v6.3 offers a new Core Map Control API that you can use to load a lightweight version of the control for improved performance.  v6.3 also continues to offer the “full” functionality API and is reverse compatible with v6.2.  Some new features added to v6.3 include an improved Search and Geocode API and draggable pushpins.  You can also use the new REST services with the Ajax Map Control.

Bing Maps Silverlight Control

The Bing Maps Silverlight Control includes some new updates including updated touch screen events, inertia support, and improvements to GPU acceleration support.  Check out the updated Bing Maps Silverlight Control Interactive SDK for more details.

Bing Map App SDK

Today, you can start developing applications for the Bing Maps App Gallery.  The Bing Map App SDK is now available on the connect portal where you can sign up and start developing and uploading your applications to Bing Maps through the Bing Maps Account Center.  Check out the Bing Maps App Gallery Preview site and click in the “Map Apps” button to see the Map App Gallery.  Check out this blog post on the Bing Blog on Writing Your First Bing Map App.

We hope you have fun trying out all the latest updates!

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