Bing Maps @ PDC Day 2 and 3

Thanks to everyone yesterday for stopping by the Bing Maps booth and meeting with us at the Ask the Experts session and the PDC Underground.  We enjoyed meeting with you and hearing your feedback and talking about Bing Maps! 

Today, you can see Chris Pendleton’s Chalk Talk on Bing Maps APIs at 10 AM in the Web Pavillion by the booth.   Also, I will be presenting a session: CL36: Deep Dive on Bing Maps Silverlight Control today at 12:45 PM in 515A

The Bing Maps booth and our “Hands On Lab: Develop Visually Engaging Applications with Bing Maps Silverlight Control” are also going on in the Web Pavillion today!

Hope to see you!

Comments (1)

  1. Mike J Kelly says:

    Keith, great quick set of demos. Very impressive stuff.

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