TechEd 2009 – Deep Dive on Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control Session – Links and Demo Source Code

Thanks to all who attended my session at TechEd 2009 today – WUX402: Deep Dive on Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control.   I had a great time and I hope you enjoyed it! I wanted to post the source code to the samples I demoed and provide some relevant links.

You can download the Microsoft Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control CTP at the Connect Portal.

Here are links to some of the demos using the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control that I showed at the beginning of the session:

Here are links to the source code for all the code samples I showed:

Here are some notes about the code samples:

  • The solution files are for Silverlight 3 Beta, however the code for everything except the Map Rotation sample should work within a Silverlight 2 solution.

  • You will need to download and install the Silverlight Map Control CTP and make sure the MapControl project references are pointing to Microsoft.VirtualEarth.MapControl.dll on your machine to build these samples

  • The samples using the Virtual Earth Web Services require Virtual Earth credentials. You will need to edit the Credentials.cs file in those projects to provide credentials. You can sign up for an evaluation account to try out the web services. See the following articles for more details. I have also added comments in the Credentials.cs files with links to these articles.

  • The samples using Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control without Virtual Earth Web Services do not require credentials.

Have fun!

(Note: This post is also available on the Virtual Earth Platform Team Blog)

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  1. Keith Kinnan says:

    For more information on the Polygons demo I showed at TechEd from Soul Solutions, see this blog post from John O’Brien:

  2. The session I gave at TechEd 2009 is now available for online viewing for TechEd attendees. Click on

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