Live Search Maps Update!

We just released an updated version of Live Search Maps built on the Virtual Earth platform.  It is difficult to list all the new features, but here are some of the new features:

  • Birdseye Imagery with Labels - Birdseye imagery now supports Road Labels showing roads and names on the birdseye scene similar to Aerial map style.  The navigation control was improved with a Labels toggle which now works in Aerial and Birdseye modes -- so you can turn the Labels on and off.
  • Improved 3D Experience - Improved 3D models and detailed textures including trees in cities.  Initially this is in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, and Dallas but will be expanding to more cities in the future.  Improved 3DVIA Modelling
  • Improved Collections - Export collections to KML, GeoRSS, or GPX format.  Add a MapCruncher custom tile layers to your collection and view them in Live Search Maps. Previously this was only available for API users.Collections Explorer filtering - you can now filter your collection searches by tags . Subscribe to neighborhood region RSS feed
  • Improved Directions and Traffic- Directions now uses MSR Clear Flow technology for enhanced traffic-based routing.  Also added localized itineraries for certain locales.
  • Improved One-Click Directions - One-Click directions map is now interactive. Reverse geocoding is now supported so the address will be displayed when you right-click on the map and ask for 1-click Directions.
  • Enhanced Tour Support - Improved movie resolution support, speed control, and added photo support to movies
  • Improved Browser Support - Added Safari 3 and IE8 Beta Support
  • v6.1 Virtual Earth API - Reverse compatible with v6 and adds enhancements. I'll post more details about this in a future post.

For more details on the new Live Search Maps update, check out this post at the Virtual Earth Spaces Blog

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