California Fires

The fire outbreak in California has been an immense tragedy with millions of people displaced from their homes and millions of dollars of damage.  Access to the latest information is critical for many trying to find loved ones, trying to evacuate, and those trying to return to their homes.  You can see the latest information on…


Virtual Earth Videos on Channel 10

Check out the videos on the new Virtual Earth release on 10.  There are two videos posted — One shows how to do Virtual Earth 3D Tours and the other shows how to create 3D models using the 3DVIA Technology Preview: New Release of Virtual Earth 3-D Models in Virtual Earth


Virtual Earth API: Simple Multipoint Routing Example

One of the new features of the Virtual Earth API is multipoint routing.  Now, you can specify multiple points on a route and get directions to/from them.  The new GetDirections call on the VEMap makes it easy to do this. For example, here’s a simple code sample which shows how to get driving directions from…


Virtual Earth API: Using Shaded Map Style

A new map style was added for the Virtual Earth v6 Map Control API which allows you to have shaded relief maps.  For example, here is a screenshot of the traditional road map style (VEMapStyle.Road) in Virtual Earth over the Grand Canyon: Here is the same location using the new shaded map style: To use…


Virtual Earth v6 API Now Available!

We just released the Virtual Earth Map Control v6 API.  You can find all the latest details in the Virtual Earth Map Control SDK, Version 6.0.  Or you can download the Virtual Earth Map Control SDK (CHM file) directly.  You can also try out the updated Virtual Earth Interactive SDK. One of the major focuses of this…


New Live Search Maps Release!

We have just released a new version of Live Search Maps built on the Virtual Earth platform.  The team has worked very hard to get this release out the door. There are many new features and improvements, so it is difficult to list them all.  However, some of the major new features include: 1-Click Directions – This…


MapCruncher Beta for Virtual Earth Now Available

MapCruncher for Virtual Earth has just been officially released as a Beta release for Virtual Earth! Previously, MapCruncher was a project from Microsoft Research – MSR MapCruncher. MapCruncher allows you to easily create custom image tiles to overlay in Virtual Earth mashup applications.  The custom image tiles can anything you want to overlay on Virtual…