Virtual Earth Update

We have just released an updated version of Virtual Earth at!  The biggest change this release is the improved Birds Eye user interface.  Positioning the map is now a lot simpler with the new improved small map navigation feature. Using the small map, you can position the center of the viewport where you want the Birds Eye scene to be.  Also, as you pan to the edge of a Birds Eye scene, the next scene will automatically load.  As you approach the end of a scene, the cursor will also change to a crosshair and you can click where you want the next scene to be centered.  This improves the transition between scenes. 

Virtual Earth Birds Eye User Interface

Another feature added this release is the distance measuring while drawing.  As you draw with the drawing tools, the distance is shown. When you add the drawing to a collection, the total distance is shown for each item.

Virtual Earth Drawing Tool Measurement 

For more details about this release, see:

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