Codename “Oslo” Repository Becomes SQL Server Modeling Services

At last week’s PDC, the new name for our repository and modeling project was announced – we are the SQL Server Modeling Services! James Baker and Shoshanna Budzianowski did an awesome job of describing the Modeling Services database and how to get value from the domain models which are delivered in the latest CTP. Check… Read more

What happened to the Service Model?

I just looked at Mikael Håkansson’s  blog article on building a Web Service Model using M and the Oslo Repository ( ) It’s a very nice article. As Mikael observes, the Service Model we shipped in January was removed from the May CTP. His article correctly points out that such a model allows the repository… Read more

Oslo and UML

It’s been a while since my last posting. Why? The truth is quite simple – about five months ago I became involved in a small team building some specific content for our Oslo repository. This team was working using Scrum techniques with two week milestones. Initially I was supposed to be “part-time” on the project… Read more

Oslo Makes the Top Ten

We’re just getting back into the swing of things after a couple of weeks break over the Christmas holidays, not to mention the disruption of unusually heavy snow followed by floods here in the Seattle area. Two articles caught my attention this week. One, an article in eWeek by Darryl Taft, positions Oslo at number… Read more