Software Factories at OOPSLA 2005

OOPSLA 2005 in San Diego was a fun event. It was great to chat with lots of old friends and sit in on some interesting sessions and panels. Our team was represented at a number of events. Jack Greenfield and Steve Cook presented a one day tutorial on Software Factories using some updated material from last year, and showed a fewof interesting demos. One, given by Mauro Regio, showed Visual Studio 2005 configured with various assets to help developers build collaborating services based on the HL7 (a set of standards for B2B communication in the Health Services Industry) software factory I talked about in a previous post which you can read about here. Steve also demoed the latest builds of the DSL Tools.

Also, we attended the Software Factories Workshop, a one-day event which Jack chaired. This was voted a great success by those who attended and gave us all a chance to drill into a bunch of interesting topics around model-driven development, DSLs and software factories. The papers which were reviewed and accepted by the review committee may be read here, but will be published in some form, yet to be decided, as soon as possible along with the proceedings of the workshop. I’ll point to those proceedings when they’re ready.