Software Factories at OOPSLA 2005

OOPSLA 2005 in San Diego was a fun event. It was great to chat with lots of old friends and sit in on some interesting sessions and panels. Our team was represented at a number of events. Jack Greenfield and Steve Cook presented a one day tutorial on Software Factories using some updated material from… Read more

Windows Workflow Foundation

After the announcement last week of this great piece of technology, we can finally all start to talk about it. Although you can code directly against the WWF, it contains a nice example of a couple of graphical DSLs that allow the developer to declaratively describe workflows consisting of human and system activities. The lead architect… Read more

Steve Cook Interview

Back off three weeks vacation always causes severe “re-entry” problems! But digging myself out of the email stack I noticed Steve Cook has posted a very good interview with Roy Osherove on Software Factories and DSLs. You can download the interview as an MP3 from here. Steve explains, among other things, the relationship between the DSL… Read more

Software Factories & DSLs

A couple of interesting items have appeared recently that will be of interest to folks following our stories on Software Factories and DSL’s.  I had posted earlier some examples of Software Factories that generated quite a bit of comment from readers. We have had a team of people working on a specification for implementing business-to-business… Read more

Microsoft’s Modeling Strategy

My team has written a document that explains Microsoft’s Modeling Strategy and addresses a number of FAQ’s we get from customers and partners. The outline is: Why Modeling?How Are DSLs Used in Model-Driven Development?What About UML?What About MDA?What Are Software Factories?Other Frequently Asked Questions Astute readers of my blog may even recognize parts of this… Read more

New Website for Software Factories

Although I have been lax at blogging again this last month, the team has been extremely busy with the various efforts around Software Factories. In the course of the last few weeks we have opened a new public portal that will become the focus of all activities under the umbrella term of the Microsoft “Software… Read more

Examples of Software Factories

I have been speaking to customers and partners recently (last week in Japan) about Software Factories and our modeling strategy in general. During those talks, the audience found it useful to see a couple of different Software Factory examples that fall near the opposite ends of a size scale.   A baseline architecture for part… Read more

SD Magazine Jolt Productivity Award 2005

Wow!  We heard that our Software Factories book was awarded a “Productivity Award” in the General Books Category at the Software Development Magazine Jolt Awards last week.   This is a great honor, and we are deeply grateful to the judges and organizers for this result.  Unfortunately, neither Jack Greenfield nor I was… Read more

On Definitions

In Steve Cook’s interview, Steve gives a great one sentence definition of a Software Factory. I realize I should have provided a one sentence definition as part of my “elevator story” posted earlier. I was inspired by Steve’s statement to dig out an earlier attempt we had to produce a single brief sentence that defines… Read more

Steve Cook on Software Factories and DSLs

Steve Cook, my colleague based in Cambridge, UK, has just posted a very interesting interview with journalist Matt Nicholson:   It comes complete with a rather fetching picture of Steve at his desk in Cambridge J  … Read more