Report from OOPSLA

We’re into our third day here at OOPSLA. On Monday, Jack Greenfield, Steve Cook and I delivered our full-day tutorial as I described in my last posting. I think it was received well by those who attended – based on chats we had with those who shared the day with us. Of course, we won’t… Read more

Getting Ready for OOPSLA 2004 in Vancouver, BC.

I’m very much looking forward to going to OOPSLA next weekend. Microsoft will be making several major announcements around Software Factories and Domain Specific Languages at both OOPSLA and GPCE ’04 on October 24-28 in Vancouver, British Columbia. I hope to run into old friends and make new ones. In addition to two keynotes, BoF… Read more

A Book for Bill

My last posting concerned availability (or otherwise) of the Software Factory book on Amazon. We know the book has been printed, since Jack and I are now proud owners of two of the first three copies hot off the press. As I mentioned in a previous posting, my team and I had a briefing with… Read more

Delay at

I’ve received a large number of unpublished feedback items asking why Amazon is still showing the Software Factories book as unavailable. Apparently it is available from sites such as and and John Wiley & Sons tell us they’re investigating what the issue is with Amazon. Thank you for your patience. I apologize for… Read more

A Lot of Deadlines …

It’s been pretty crazy around here since I got back from vacation. Apart from the re-entry problems you expect after being away for three weeks, we ran into a problem with the publication of the Software Factories book. The manuscript was just about to go to the printers when we realized not all the permissions… Read more

Back from Vacation

I have just got back from my vacation – which was wonderful. Having a complete break – especially in an area that had no cell phone coverage – is a great way to re-charge energy.  This week brought the usual re-entry pains that are the cost you pay for this!   While I was away,… Read more

Cruising in Desolation Sound and the Software Factories Article

It’s been a busy week getting ready for my family vacation. Next week for three weeks, my family plus a group of other boating families are taking off for three weeks of motor cruising in Desolation Sound, B.C. This area is about 200 nautical miles from Seattle in the Southerly parts of the Inside Passage. We’re all looking… Read more

Articles on DSLs and Generative Development Approaches

  It seems that others are coming to many of the same conclusions that we have reached concerning modeling languages and development approaches in which they can be utilized effectively. In their article here in David Frankel’s excellent MDA Journal, a team of IBM DE’s and Grady Booch lay out their manifesto for MDA. This… Read more

Software Factories

This week I’ve been working on a paper that we’ll publish in Software Development magazine that explains, at least very briefly, how Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) will support the first step forward for our concept of software factories.  As soon as it’s ready for publication, I’ll post the link here. We’ve started to collect… Read more

Report on TechEd 2004 ARC400 Session

There’s been quite an interesting discussion that was triggered from the session I gave at TechEd 2004 on our Modeling strategy. The session was coded as ARC400 and covered much of the material I’ve blogged before in these postings.  The thread is on theServerSide.Net – anyone interested can catch it here…. Read more