MEF Primitives Explained

Daniel just wrote a really nice post explaining the basics of MEF primitives. I recommend this to all interested in the internals or in extending MEF.  


Custom Programming Models for MEF (Provider Model Contrib)

The MEF composition engine operates on (composes) abstractions called ComposableParts. By default, parts are implemented as simple .NET classes annotated with MEF attributes (ExportAttribute and ImportAttribute). But, we envision that some parts will be implemented through variety of different mechanisms. For example, parts can be .NET types annotated with external files, DLR objects, XAML files,…


MEF Preview #4 Released

We have just released a new update to MEF. I am super excited about this release as it represents something quite close to what we are going to ship in terms of public APIs. In the last milestone, we have done quite significant API cleanup, renamed many core types to what I think will be…