API Design Myth: Exceptions are for "Exceptional Errors"

I was updating FDG section on exceptions. I added one anntation that I thought I would post here as well:   KRZYSZTOF CWALINA One of the biggest misconceptions about exceptions is that they are for “exceptional conditions.” The reality is that they are for communicating error conditions. From a framework design perspective, there is no…


Nullable<T> Usage Guidelines

  These guidelines were just added as part of an update to the Framework Design Guidelines book (upcomming 2nd edition). Hope you find them useful.   Nullable<T> is a simple type added to the .NET Framework 2.0. The type was designed to be able to represent Value Types with “null” values. Nullable<int> x = null;…


POCO Support for MEF

Jason, our technical evangelist, just posted a sample showing how MEF can compose plain old CLR objects.