What Do Swimmers Have to Say About Framework Design?

I am starting to feel pressure to finish up slides for my presentation at the upcoming TechEd in Barcelona. I will be talking about framework architecture and design. Here is the abstract I took from the conference’s site:

WIN304 Framework Engineering: Architecting, Designing, and Developing Reusable Libraries  

This session covers the main aspects of reusable library design: API design, architecture, and general framework engineering processes. Well-designed APIs are critical to the success of reusable libraries, but there are other aspects of framework development that are equally important, yet not widely covered in literature. Organizations creating reusable libraries often struggle with the process of managing dependencies, compatibility, and other design processes so critical to the success of modern frameworks. Come to this session and learn about how Microsoft creates its frameworks. The session is based on experiences from the development of the .NET Framework and Silverlight, and will cover processes Microsoft uses in the development of managed frameworks.  

I am super excited about the talk, which I want to make into a continuation to the API design pre-con I did with Brad Abrams at the last PDC (BTW, the same content is available here). The PDC talk was about designing the API surface, but there is so much more to framework design!

I am also excited coming back to the wonderful city of Barcelona. Last time I was there, believe it or not, I was on the Polish swimming team competing in the Olympics (see #13). I hope this trip will bring back some memories from the other and completely different “career” I had in the past.

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  1. BradA says:

    Good luck!  I hope you win a gold metal 😉

  2. Pawel Tarnik says:


    Your name sounds to be Polish, but I didn’t know you were a Polish sportsman 🙂

    I was watching that Olympics on TV, especially because of Polish footballers 🙂

    Anyway, good luck at Barcelona once again 🙂

  3. I *knew* I’d seen way too much of you before! 🙂

    Good luck with the talk – will it be published too?

  4. Mark Sowul says:

    Wow, from being a Polish Olympic swimmer to designing APIs for the .NET Framework to being a program manager – you’ve had quite a life!

    I just got back from a trip to Barcelona.  The deserted Olympic park was eerie.

  5. Pablo Alarcón García says:

    Wonderful presentation, I think it is important to get a BCL Architect’s opinion about being simple, agile and concise when most people would expect a "design a state of the art and perfect solution even taking 100 times longer" 🙂

    It was impressive how appasionated you were and how you kept answering questions event after the next conference started, thank you.

    PS: And thank you for the book, gived to my brother as I had already bought it 2 years ago 😉

  6. very nice, dzienki za dobre info.

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