Framework design lecture avaliable for download

I have good news for all who asked about an off line version of the API design lecture I blogged about a few weeks ago. After literally a hundred emails and comments on the blog (thanks for pushing me to get this done), weeks of trying to get this setup, including the difficulty of finding a server to host a 500MB file, and -- ultimately getting some help from Scott Guthrie (thanks!), the zip file is finally available for download here. Enjoy!

Comments (5)

  1. mihailik says:

    Thanks a lot, Krzystof. I bet the site will be a bit under pressure during next few days 😉

  2. Alex says:

    Wow, is that zipped swap file :), no offence indeed, thank a lot

  3. Steve Dunn says:

    Many thanks Krzysztof.  Good work.

  4. arload says:

    thanks! your knowledge sharing!!

  5. Troy Sabin says:

    Designing .NET Class Libraries Video

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